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  • Hi,

    I have the project to make an illustrated book (with hidden clues inside) who will be useable with an App (made by construct 2 by myself). Among many others options, I'd like to have an option where the players can use, like a "scan image option", in order to see the page of my book and see the 2D AR images (the famous hidden clues) appearing through the camera of their phone.

    I know I have to prepare some triggers first to my 2D animations, and I already tried to used specific tools and apps like Roar, Layar or Aurasma Hp Reveal, for example. But I'd really want my players to be able to scan the images directly with my App made with Construct 2, inside the App itself.

    I don't know anything about coding, but I was thinking maybe something could find a way to use a kind of universal AR reader, of else, using the same code of these specific apps (that I quoted earlier).

    Also, I read many topics on the scirra forums, and one of them interpellated me in particular :

    I found this, a open source framework to add augmented reality in a project. Any idea on how to add this to construct ?


    So, does anyone here would be competent enough in coding to implement this plugin or anything else to be able to make my project feasable, by any chance ? :)

    thx by advance,

    have a nice day :)

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  • Hi Sylwest_Production

    I can help you. Please contact me at hayden.cis10mud@gmail.com.



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