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  • Hey guys,

    We're looking for a C2 programmer who has "In-App Purchase" experience, and is capable of delivering a fun iphone/browser game that plays similar to Dragon Flight on the iphone.

    Heres a video of the gameplay:

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    We need somebody who's passionate and able to work fast on this project.

    If your interested, please email me with your portfolio and your price range for this amount of work and we can started! syang.cg@hotmail.com



    Here are some artworks I've worked on

    The sprites will be generated from 3d models into png sheets, like this animated example:

    <img src="http://cgsammu.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/trunks_slice_vfx_anim22.gif" border="0">

    Also, heres one of the enemy designs I mocked up this week:

    <img src="http://sammustudios.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/fenix_sketch.jpg" border="0">

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