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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm a composer for video games since 2009 and I'm currently available for more work. If you are needing someone that can compose in a lot of styles, like full orchestral, electronica, world music or rock, for example, I can work with you!

    I already worked on some nice indie games like the RPG The Tenth Line, which launched for PC and will launch for PS4 as well, and others, including games I'm currently working on.

    Here is my portfolio (I'm still working on the site, but the musics are there on the reel, with some variety on the genres Smiley );

    I'm also a guitarist/bassist and drummer, so if you want a song different from the usual orchestral or electronica, styles like rock, jazz, funk, metal, I can provide live perfomances of most of the instruments, which provide the realism and quality your project deserves Smiley

    New site!


    My most recent projects were more retro, like 80's and 90's, specially RPG, so most of the songs on the demo reel are inspired by retro music, with nostalgic elements more intense, but if you want a song in another style that is not in the portfolio just contact me and we can discuss a new demo track for your game.

    If you are interested and want to ask about price and such just send me a message!

    My email is alanmonteiro94@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  • I just signed up to compose for another great game right now, but I'm still open for more work! New tracks will be coming to my portfolio as well in the coming days.


    Alan Monteiro

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  • Hey, my website has been remade, here is the new link!


    Thank you,

    Alan Monteiro

  • Portfolio updated with a few tracks, and more to come!

    I also completed work on a new game, so I'm available for more work too!

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