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  • Hello fellow Construct community!

    Because I can't post links yet, here's some text links that you can copypasta into your browser and check out:





    So I've made some changes to this post; most notably about compensation. This is now a paid position, and we will compensate on completion of services (once the bugs and coding is fixed), percentage of royalties, or a combination there-of. We will negotiate a deal before any contracts are signed.

    If you are interested in taking on this position, please provide a resume and a portfolio of your work, with past Construct 2 games that you have completed.


    To break it down, we have been struggling to find a sweet programmer that loves to program and isn't a complete flake. We've been through all that jazz for the last... um... I don't know... dozen months? And up to this point, we have yet to find someone with a good skill set that is passionate about what they do. To add to that statement, I know that not every programmer we have come across has been as into our games as we are, and I don't want to hold that against you.

    So I want to break down the position that we have and want to fill for the next couple of months, and hopefully beyond. Here's the deal.

    Who we are.

    AdaptivElite, LC is a limited liability company established in Michigan, US, since July of 2011. There is a total of five of us active with two extra contributors, and a lot of people that have passed through since we started. We want to make original IP and create fun and exciting old-school style games that capture the heart of early gaming history as we work our way up to bigger and bolder projects.

    What we are doing.

    We have been working on several games, with our most recent being Pro Janitor Police, a fast-paced 2D action/beat-em-up/platformer. We have high hopes about this game as we have been tirelessly trying to promote and market the IP and brand as well as make it a fun and captivating game, much in the style of Mega Man and Double Dragon of the early Nintendo days. We also have a fat slate of new ideas we want to start working on after we polish and play test the crap out of Pro Janitor Police.

    Who we are looking for.

    To get to the point, we need an experienced programmer that wants to grow with our team. Someone who isn't afraid to get their feet wet and work realistic hours in hopes of getting out of the 9-5 and joining us in an adventure of a lifetime. Yes, we want somebody that is funny, excited about life, wants to make freaking sweet games, and generally be a bad-a$$ mofo with us.


    • Experience or knowledge with any or all of the following: Construct 2 (C#, Javascript and other languages are a bonus)
    • Problem Solver
    • Works well with a Team (Mandatory!)
    • Can be okay with strange working hours, as we are all over the country
    • Has access to the personal or business version of Construct 2, and has or can acquire Dropbox and Skype
    • Portfolio and Resume
    • Can shoot laser beams from their eyes
    • Likes (good and/or bad) Chuck Norris jokes

    What we need you for.

    Because we like programmers! And also because we feel that we can grow, not only as a company, but as a team, with great minds and people that have a passion for games and think indies are awesome!

    But for now, we need help debugging and making our game, Pro Janitor Police, nice and squeaky clean with all the bells and whistles we want! We will be selling once it's finalized, and as I said, we missed our initial release deadline and need some help to finish and finalize the game.

    Once Pro Janitor Police is complete, we have another game we are working on and plan to release on Black Friday, and that is coming up quick!

    The whole compensation thing.

    We have distributors, Marketing and PR teams ready to help us promote and distribute our game world-wide. We can do paid work on completion, a percentage of royalties, or a combination of both.

    On the other hand, (and this is all within reason, of course) if you have programming skills and want to jump on some non-game related contract work, let us know. But that's another post for another forum.

    Our Mantra.

    What we really pride ourselves on is if you have an idea and want to make a game, as a company, we think that everybody should have a chance to prove themselves. Step up to the plate, and pitch to us, and we can come together with the resources we have and help make that game! That's what we are doing here with Pro Janitor Police; it was an idea that our lead 3D artist wanted to make, and we did what we could to make this game a reality!

    I really think that companies are missing that these days; if you care about us, we care about you. We obviously have some games in the pipeline, but I feel that if you have a great game idea that you want to make, we can come together as a team and make it happen!

    Thanks for reading!

    Anthony Drummond

    Owner, Composer, Audio Engineer, Designer, Writer, and General Jack-of-all-Trades



    anthony ( at ) adaptivelite [ dot ] com

    Follow us on twitter AdaptivElite

    you can even call us at two 4 ate, two 3 one, seven six 6 zero.

  • i'd like to help i'll send you a link to the lite version of my game

    what hours do you want me to work and what is your price range

  • Basically, hours are based on your availability and what you can contribute. Obviously the more you can contribute, the more I'm willing to give back in revenue from the game.

    Because I can't determine what our game is going to make, I can only speculate as to what kind of compensation I can award you; regardless, we do have income from other non-game-related sources so I can and will compensate based on performance.

  • I can work commission based but I can not work share based and

    [oops I just melted your post on my screen with my laser vision from focusing to hard then I spewed my coffee in surprise and fried my key board]

    must get paid as soon as the work is done with that info do you know how much the work is worth

  • Basically, we don't really have the overhead at the moment, so we will be splitting royalties. As I said above, we are working with some PR and Marketing firms to help bring our game worldwide and really get it distributed.

    As for what work still needs doing, a lot of it is bug-testing and fixing a bunch of small things and a few major things; the major stuff being a massive bloating issue to the game loading in memory, and a few others being AI issues with our bosses.

    Once we have the game nice and polished, we expect to get a release out and do some final beta tests and ship this.

  • AdaptivElite

    I wouldn't mind helping out for free if your willing to exchange your animating or art skills in return for one of my games. Also do you have preferences for the genre of games your making? As in platformer,shooter,rpg, ect..?

    I have worked on random projects like rpg's, endless runners and platformers. I can show you the projects if your interested. Also I have experience with java, c programming (not C# and C++ yet, unfortunately) and construct.

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  • Hey Retrodude,

    We could work something out possibly. We have a considerable amount done already on our game, which is a platformer, and would need somebody to sort of go through and help us finish our boss AI on a few levels, along with some bug fixes. shoot me an email at my first name, anthony, at my company name, adaptivelite dot com. or you can catch me on Skype, my skype name is Siberkil.

  • Hey everyone,

    I posted an update to the original message; this is a paid position now. Please read the modified post to find out more. Thanks.

  • We, team could help you out.

    Here's what we offer toonheart.com/services.

    I see the game release date as 10.12.2013 ( we're also pushing towards one of our title release). Could get messy if we try to balance both, so honestly thats the only reason I am not pitching for this.

    Else, the game play video is attracting me and is irresistible to not want to be part of it :)

    So wondering if we could keep in touch so you can use our services for the next title.

  • Hey Krish,

    Well, we missed the Release date, to be perfectly honest (We did a Day/Month/Year format, not the Month/Day/Year format like some have interpreted) and we haven't exactly taken down the date yet. And sorry for the late reply! We are actually very close to completing this project, and have little left to do beyond bug testing and general performance improvements. Obviously the quicker we can get this done, the quicker we can begin to sell.

    I'd like to talk more if you are interested, do you have Skype?

  • Hi,

    I am interested in helping you release Pro Janitor Police.

    I can help fix your issues and aid in PR and Marketing.

    I have done a small bit of AAA testing and have developed my own games with C2. It would be great to Skype chat to see if we can make it work, talk shop and all that!

    my email is apmartin81ajb@gmail.com

  • Heya,

    Wondering if the game is out already?

    We're done pushing our game to both Blackberry and Android and can help out testing or programming.

    I am 24x7x366 reachable at krish at toonheart dot com.

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