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  • We’re looking to update/replace all of our current sound effects on our finished mobile game ‘IRON FINGER’.

    We feel that the current sound effects in our games are not family friendly (loud harsh gun noises). We are looking for someone that could create a whole new set of SFX that complements our game’s graphics and soundtrack, while also maintaining the quick pace of our mini games.

    Guiding points for the new sounds:

    • Fun

    • Family Friendly

    • Arcade genre

    • Quick pace

    • Blends in with current soundtrack.

    If interested, please download the game (it’s free) and available on both iOS and Android.

    Create a gameplay video of ONE of our stages with all the SFX replaced with what you think fits. This gives us an idea of the direction you will take with the rest of our stages.

    If you feel you are right for this job, please contact me through email (no PMs). To be considered for this job, you must have a portfolio or provide samples.

    Contact: kevin.nsue@ironfiststudios.com.au

    Project Deadline: 27th October 2016

    Payment: $750 USD total will be paid through PayPal.

    + You will also be credited in game.

    Gameplay with Soundtrack + SFX preview:


    App Store:


    Google Play Store:

    play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... nfingerAMG



    IRONFIST Studios


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