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  • Hello everyone.

    I'm looking for someone highly experienced in Construct 2, web-socket, multiplayer to help me to develop a project for Online Casino.

    I run independent games studio and I would like to use Construct2 to this and other future projects.

    The main element I need help with is making web-socket connection to the secured slot engine, and be able to exchange json data, save games status etc.

    I need someone experienced to work with me as part of the team to deliver the project.

    Based on the success of this project there are many more to come.

    I would require mentoring and technical support during the development of the game.

    If successful there is more projects to come.

    If you think you are able to help please contact me at or skype: stan.forczek

    You can find prototype of may game on request.

    my studio website:

    Kind Regards


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