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  • I'm looking for somebody who could make for me high quality crowd funding campaign so there would be need to make quality copywriting, screenshots of the game, record and edit videos, find the appropriate and attractive fonts and background music for website that would fit into the game settings and make all visuals and entire website appearance transparent, well arranged and attractive. Best if you could do just single visual version of campaign that could be used without any or just with minimal changes for website, Indie GoGo and KickStarter as well.

    Further I would need to create press kit and to handle all communication with users as replying at their comments, feedbacks, request etc.

    Basically you would be responsible for all marketing and community issues and maybe even some other issues as well if you could handle them as publishing, analytics etc.

    I'm looking for somebody to who this kind of work would fit perfectly with his/her personality so he/she would like this job a lot and do it not just because of money but mainly because they would like it and it would fulfil them. Best if you would have some provable experience in this field but if not its not mandatory as long as you would have passion and talent for this kind of work.

    If you could not handle all tasks needed for campaign in sufficient quality then your responsibility would be to find and hire somebody else who could do that tasks instead you and you would handle and be responsible then for all communication with those people to assure quality, fast paced and low costs development of the campaign.

    So if you are interested about this job then send me your references regarded mainly to marketing and community issues or best would be if you would have direct experience with crowd funding or marketing campaigns. Don't forget to send it along your rates at please.

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