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  • I have a job offer for someone to create / addon to my game idea.


    I cant post a link.. so if you havent seen "Super Platformer Template" in the Scirra Store, that is the demo.

    Some of you may have seen this already.. except I would like to have a game like this but instead i want to make it be an online type of game. I wanted to be able to host it on a website and/or have it be a downloadable game for desktop and mobile phones.

    What I need in the game:

    Login / Registration Page (self explanitory)

    World Start / Join Page (where users can open a world if there isn't one (host) or join a world.

    I want the users to be able to customize the world name, pvp (on/off)

    IN GAME:

    now in game I would like there to be a character creation if there isnt a character already made. I want the users to be able to choose from a selection of hair / shirts / pants / skin tone/ & color of clothing. Fully customizable. Also I would like them to be able to choose a starter weapon: Melee(sword/mace), Range (bow/magic)


    I want there to be gear to be picked up and placed inside an INVENTORY where it can be equiped/unequiped or dropped.


    I want levels to be implented such as experience bars, skills such as rock climbing, etc..


    Bosses and Npcs added around the word, NPCS that sell items for in game cash and real time money.


    Used to buy in game items, rare ones, specific things I choose and sent to my paypal.


    The ability to find rare or buy rare pet eggs/babies and have them grow slowly or grow faster with in game pay.

    If anyone feels they can make a game like this with the graphics done, then please email me at [quote:2dhpnedv]

    if you are looking for work.

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