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  • To whom it may concern (always wanted to say that, hehe).

    I'm offering my services as a "porting whiz".

    In terms of Construct 2, this basically comes down to providing people with handcrafted Linux installation scripts, Mac OS X .dmgs or .pkgs and anything else people may want/need. Everything will undergo a rigorous testing process and, if required, will be built on top of a custom Node Webkit build.

    In return, I'm merely asking for a copy (Steam or otherwise) of the finished game as well as recognition . Any additional form of payment is solely up to the clients discretion.

    I'm also offering non-Construct 2 based ports. Here, the "price" is once again a copy of the game + recognition.

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  • The offer still stands.

    I can also help optimizing for performance/file size and testing the game on multiple hardware platforms. I own several Macs (equipped with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA GPUs) and half a dozen Linux boxes, so I'm in the position to test the game for all kinds of graphics drivers.

  • A testing service is a cool idea! We may come back to that later:-)

  • If there's any interest, I can also offer a custom wrapper based on Mozilla's Gecko.

    While I'm still having some issues with the GNU/Linux version (specifically fglrx, aka the official AMD Catalyst driver blob), Mac OS X and Windows games utilizing WebGL are generally a fair bit faster under it than under Node Webkit.

    GPU blacklisting is also less of/no issue.

  • Porting Construct2 for Linux is a great idea.

    Maybe using Wine could work, but it simply won't be the same.

  • Porting Construct2 for Linux is a great idea.

    Maybe using Wine could work, but it simply won't be the same.

    Construct2 doesn't quite behave the same way in Wine. When I put my license file in the subdirectory (copy and paste) or through the Contruct2 interface, the application simply would not load. Construct2 would simply crash. I opened a case in Wine (, but it seemed to be an issue with Ubuntu 14.04. I re-imaged the machine and copied the license again. Once again it crashed. I removed the license file (a simple .txt file) and it worked. So whom do I ask for help? Wine indicates that the Construct2 runs and it does as long as I don't use my license file. Can Scirra do something to help so I can use the full version of Construct2 that I paid for?

  • I would like to keep you in contact list.

    Can you please send me your email / skype to krish at toonheart dot com

  • Hey, I was wondering if you've ever heard of the GCW- Zero. if you haven't it is a handheld, open-source gaming system. I was wondering if you might be able to port construct 2 to it, seeing as it it's operating system's roots are based on Linux. I've developed many games I would enjoy to see on it. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

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