[not paid] Big project looking for a promotion manager!

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  • Hello, we are two italian guys, Giulio and Daniel.

    Eight months ago we started a project named DinoSystem, you can find all the info concerning its actual level of development in our IndieDB page (some info and media are quite old): http://www.indiedb.com/games/dinosystem

    Also, check some ingame footage here:

    As you may have noticed, it looks like a fairly complex game, and it is: so far there are more than 4000 events, with abundant use of families and functions, and the estimate event count at the end of the development is over 8000!

    We have tried a Kickstarter campaign in May with no success, the reason lies in the fact the game was much less mature and we underestimated the promotion side; we've basically started a campaign with no community and no press releases at all, aside few that happened to stumble upon our project.

    Both of us are not used to promotion and marketing, either because of nationality (we speak english fairly well, but promoting requires a higher level of communication and effort) and because we want to focus on the actual development.

    Therefore we're looking for a 3rd team member, someone capable of showing the world what DinoSystem is, why it is awesome and what you can do with it.

    As the title suggests, it is not a paid job; DinoSystem is a near-cost-0 project and we are not capable of investing money in it for now, but as you may guess by viewing the game screens and info, it has some potential.

    So, we are looking for someone who can:

    -Contact the press and generate press releases

    -Contact youtubers and showcasers inviting them to promote the game (having access to the latest alpha)

    -Manage the (still absent) community (both in the forum and on the FB page)

    -(optional) Produce promotional media (screens and video trailer)

    -Have a decent rig to play the game (in order to familiarize with it and create media for it)

    -Like the game, because you need to like what you do, in order to do great!

    What you get:

    -You'll be 100% part of the team, and can build your portfolio with it

    -As a team member, you'll get a substantial slice of the cake both from any crowdfunding we archive and future sale

    We're going to have another crowdfunding campaign soon (probably at the end of October) so your work will be even more important in the time being.

    Since it's a non paid job, you decide how much time to invest in it: you work with us, not for us, and you're allowed (you're forced!) to be creative in the way you desire, expecially concerning media production. Skype is highly recommended!

    If you are interested, send us a PM here or contact us at ; if you have already done promotion/games/trailers etc, don't hesitate to show them to us.

    Dan & Giulio

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  • We're still looking for someone

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