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  • Hello everyone, if you are reading this you may be interested in the topic. Which is a non-profit development team. Now I have been designing for quite some time now and I can do quite a bit on my own. I have a design team but we do graphic design and that is all. I was thinking of creating a separate team for game designing. With this design team I do not have any interests in making any money. So if you are looking for a job that is not what this is. Now with that said. In the future if we happen to work on anything bigger and or outside of Scirra and have the ability to profit from it we can do so. So technically speaking it will not be 100% non-profit. Now with that aside I'd like to talk a little about me and who I am.

    My name is Austin Smith. I am CEO of, COO of Inquisitive Media TV, and soon to be Founder of Apox Inc. I design for a living, and manage a network. I have been designing seriously for about a year now. In total I have been designing for about 3 years. It is my passion and what I do best. I got into game design along with design itself. I started out designing multiple things such as coding, mapping, modeling, texturing, animating, level creating, architectural design, lighting techniques, and etc. When I was bigger into game design I was on a team called Lox Studios. We worked on Cry Engine 3, Unreal Engine 3, Unity, Source, Blender, libGDX, Leadwerks, Esenthel Engine, Hero Engine, and of course Construct 2.

    I have been wanting to put together a team for the game design again. I left the Lox Studios team about a year ago and haven't really designed much since. Now that I am getting back into it, I figured why not do something bigger. With a team we could accomplish so much more. I plan to have a great team and everyone will have a spot on the website which will be created once the team is together.

    For the team I am looking for:

    -Construct 2 Experience

    -Character Design

    -Character Animation

    -Level Design



    -8-Bit Artist

    -General Coding Knowledge

    -Photoshop Experience

    -Outfit Design

    -Menu Design

    -Prior Dev Experience either personal or on a team

    I think that is about it for now. I am not looking for an individual person for each topic above. Just people who have some experience in any of the above.

    If you are interested you can just reply straight to this topic and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank You for taking the time to read all this out. I really hope you are interested and if so I'll see you on the team!

    *No lock in contracts


    *At least 1 game on the Scirra Arcade

    Contact Information:

    Skype -


    kik/snapchat/instagram: RusticDusty

  • Hi My name is suited spider and I currently do not have my game on the arcade as I am working hard on building it

    I do not care for profit just for more experience with construct 2

    and the contracts don't bother me

    I am interested in doing the level design and I have a little experience with Photoshop

  • Please Accept my request

  • You can upload your capx on here if you would like to show me anything you have worked on.

  • Please Accept my request

    Thank You for your response! There are no contracts or anything like that so no worries there! I have updated the post with contact information so it will make things much easier when it comes to discussing the team and what we will be doing.

  • my apologies but its in need of sprites so its not ready

  • my apologies but its in need of sprites so its not ready

    Here is a preview of what I am working on at the moment. Do you have any work like this?

  • That's amazing how did you do that

  • this is the background for mine

    I know its not so good that is because I made it in paint before I downloaded blender or Photoshop

  • If you know anywhere I could get something better please tell me

  • Please tell me where I could get a better background

  • and some Sprites

  • If you know anywhere I could get something better please tell me

    I recommend experimenting with photoshop much more and finding an art style that suits you. Make sure you pay attention to your resolutions too. Keep them matching from construct to photoshop. I can teach you a few things but nothing more than the basics. I will post a tutorial on how to go about making things like you saw here soon.

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  • Can you post some of your previous works? I'm quite interested to join your team as a game developer.

  • My apologies but how do I post them

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