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  • Hey all,

    I've been fiddling around Construct 2 for a while and I would like to try my hand on making actual games, not clones though. I don't have a portfolio right now, so if you're patient and willing to work with me then by all means, let's make games!

    Payment isn't an issue, I'll even take rev share as long as I can build a portfolio. I don't have a lot of points here either, so I can't pm, but you can contact me via email at djcire956(at)

    Thanks for your time!

    EDIT: Decided to accept all types of game types

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  • Hmm platformers.. ' 3 ' )

    Good old retro times.

    My fav platformers were Kirby's Dreamland and Klonoa on PSX I guess.

    Yeah I like them easy, cute and charming =w=

    Also love Mega Man, but that one's not considered a platformer, is it?

  • Mega Man is my vice <.<

    I think it was considered as an action-platformer. I hope they decide to keep that series going!

  • Did an edit to accept other game types

  • I don't think you'll find anyone interested without having an example of how good you are using C2 or otherwise :/

  • I'm working on a top down melee combat system that I'm having trouble with if you'd like to help on that. You can certainly use it in your portfolio. If you're interested, just reply to this comment so I get a notification and I'll email you more details.

  • Hello. Send me a Private Message if you are still offering your services.

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