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  • Hello, I'm Branks. I am new to

    Construct 2

    , but I've been lurking for a while now... I have quite a few ideas for games as well as mock-ups, but I'd like a bit of help in their creation. I am a pixel artist/sound engineer who enjoys retro games more than anything. I offer my pixel art/sound creation skills to a programmer who can bring them to life. The top idea for the first project I'd enjoy creating is a game I call, "

    Castle Quest


    You see...

    Castle Quest

    is a small game that revolves around players competing to see who will be crowned King. The objective is to guard the King's throne for as long as you can. Sound easy right? It isn't... You have to deal with 5 other players (a grand total of 6 players supported for multiplayer). In a nutshell, this is a "King of the Hill" based game. You must control the throne area for as long as you can. Once the timer runs out, the player with the most time guarding the throne wins and is crowned King!

    At the beginning of the game, players will log into a very simplistic lobby system (first come first serve basis) where each player is spawned into a player spot (1 - 6). At launch I have 4 classes planned. Those are: Warrior, Scout, Magician, & Thief. Each will have skills and statistics that make them different from one other... Before the round begins, all players are spawned to a courtyard loaded with loot chests where they can stock up on what they'll need before the round begins. As it starts, players will then charge through the castle doors and try their hardest to maintain control over the throne.

    Sounds easy, right? Well, there will be monsters of all types within 8 rooms (around the middle throne room). Players can immediately run to the throne room to take control, or venture off to one of the 8 rooms to fight monsters and gain even better loot to aid them in their control over the throne! Not only that, but a random rare event will occur where all players will have to work together in order to defeat a boss and unlock a rare treasure which can be rolled for.

    It sounds like a big game, but in reality it's really a mini-game. If interested, please don't hesitate to contact me. I honestly have 90% of all assets already complete. The art is an up to date 8-bit style with polish to it's design... Have a good day!

    (Here are some mock-ups):

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  • Not A Bad idea, but this really sounds like a clone of treasure arena

  • Cool... Never heard of it.

    Edit: Just Google'd it... Sounds nothing like this game. That's a pure death match game.

  • That doesn't mean that I don't Like it:) it just reminds me off it

  • The graphics are nice, but it's really hard to make such games with Construct. Especially multiplayer.

  • The graphics are nice, but it's really hard to make such games with Construct. Especially multiplayer.

    Well that's a bummer...

  • Any game is difficult to make multiplayer, doesn't mean it can't be done with C2. Especially now that C2 has multiplayer support with webRTC. Just start small, and learn as you go. Don't try to make an epic game the first time around. Take the core idea of your game, build that and expand on it from there.

  • What Arcad said. It's hard to make a very good game right away.

    Basically, what he's saying is that you should start simple, then start adding to your game as you go along. This is actually a very good method to game development. You will get confused if you try to do everything at once. Always start with simplicity.

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