New Facebook city building game! NEED help!

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  • Hello everyone! I am making my first ever facebook game and I cant create it by myself :/ . I would like some help making the game. My game is called "Paper World" and its where you are the god of your very own planet and lead your paperians (Humans in the world known as "Paperia") to win the war between "The Dark Author". I would like some team members to help me. I need someone that is good in drawing , animating , Events , Also in trying your best. You don't need to be perfect, the point of the project is to create a AWESOME app on facebook and to have fun with making it. If you want to join, you will need a creative mind, and a fill-out. Just post the fill out here.

    fill-out form:


    Facebook name (you have to have a facebook name in order to be play the game. you can just use your real life name if you don't have one.)

    great at (this can be anything that you can do in construct 2.)

    Bad at (This is what you are bad at doing)

    Info about you (this is just about you. just create 1 paragraph that tells about you)


    thanks for reading this! post this fill-out form on here. Thanks!

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