is looking for a Game developer.

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    My name is Meital Miscovich and I'm the social networks recruiter at Netomedia (an internet gaming company in Israel).

    NetoMedia is planning to expand and to open a game development site at your country.

    We are looking for a game developer.

    As a game developer you will be responsible for creating and production of games that range from computer, mobile phones and other wireless game applications. The work involves both Gui-design and programming, and will be using HTML5 and JavaScript technology. Working as a part of a team and using SCRUM methodology.


    Experienced in Construct2, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 - a must

    Are you interested?

    If yes, please send your resume to [removed - please read posts below and PM if still interested - Admin]


    Another account here sent me the same message, I followed through and showed him my resume and a video of my work.

    But all he wanted was for me to send him the .capx file. After declining there's been no response at all.

    All this person wants is you to give him your work so he can use it.

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    Yes, same to me!!

    Thanks for the advice!

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