NEEDED- Someone with backend / encryption / construct 3 experience

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  • I am close to completing my product to be licensed to Local authorities (councils) in London.

    I require help in the form of someone who knows about and can:


    Backend develop

    Code using Construct 3

    Because of the potential of the project I will need someone I can meet with face to face and who I can call upon if needed during pilot and launch too.

    This is paid, however I may be willing to offer a share in the company depending on your ability / insight / work ethic.

    For those outside of London please feel free to contact me with examples of any work you have done as it may be workable.

    And finally for any interested, I will be launching another project early next year that will assist Social Services, who I work for, to provide a more efficient service to the public. If you are a sound composer, game developer let's talk.

  • Kelvindbenjamin hotmail com

  • Hi,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I am interested. Please connect me here or add me on Skype: cis.am4 so that we can discuss further.

    Looking forward for your response.



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  • Hello,

    I can help you with this. Please mail me at: and add me on skype: to discuss more.

    Looking forward to hearing you soon.


    Gabriel A.

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