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  • Hi! :) I need someone to create a TD source code with upgardes, map selection, highscore, unit placement, like in fieldrunners. Send me PW or contact : Project in construct 2 for mobile platforms.

  • I assume this is a paid job?

  • Have you seen the TD template that ships with Construct 2?

  • turret behavior ? yes... and pathfinding...Need more advanced system prepared. Yes i pay for source in capx.

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  • How much ? for what you asked , it can go as high as 500$ ...

  • I'd be interested, but this is very vague!

    Have you bought software before? Do you have a contract in place to protect both yourself and your client?

    Assuming the answer is yes, a few more questions(!)

    Your spec leaves a lot to the imagination; you mention map select and upgrades: Who's planning them? The programmer? Or is there a brief in place that has to be followed? This can definitely change the price!

    Next up is leaderboards, what do you mean by that? A local high score table? Facebook leaderboards? GameCenter? Do you have a server if you're going for web-based leaderboards?

    The final thing I need to know is what platform? You mention mobile but that could be anything from iPad to a HTC Desire HD. Will you be handling the porting for each device or do you want it to be optimised?

    I've haven't charged a client for C2 work before, but based on previous jobs $500 would be the starting price, as well as a solid design document and contract.

    Hope you find what you're after   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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