Need team members for platformer/topdown puzzle adventure!

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  • Hey everyone!

    I've been working on this idea for awhile and I'd love to find like minded C2 users that are interested in helping with it.

    Without going into too much detail, the game is a 2D platformer/top down puzzle adventure game.

    If that sounds like a mouthful, let me explain...

    You play as a character called the Architect that crash landed on a small planet. After exploring a bit, you find that there are primitive sentient lifeforms (similar to cavemen) who by nature are excellent craftsman. They explain to you through pictographs and drawings that there are other nearby planets that also have life, they know this because they've seen other ships like yours in the sky. You help them explore their planet and uncover the secrets of it while they in return, fix your ship for you.

    However, after they finish with your ship you realize that some critical components needed to get you home are still missing and must have broken off before crashing and landed on the other nearby planets.

    The point of the game is to explore planets, each one more advanced than the last, and space helping the natives of each planet with various problems they have by solving different types of puzzles and collecting the necessary pieces to your ship.

    In between planets however, will be top down and you can also do other things like fight off bandits, collect supplies, and solve puzzles needed for some quests in your newly fixed ship.

    While any and all help is welcomed and appreciated, what I'm really looking for is an experienced artist.

    Every aspect of a game from the characters, levels, storyline, sounds, even to the logo design is integral to make a good game, but great artwork is one of the most important things in my opinion because it's what sets the tone, draws the player in, and makes the game stand out among its peers visually.

    I can handle all of the coding unless someone else would like to contribute to the coding aspect. I also produce electronic music, so I can create and design most of the needed sound effects and music in FL Studio unless again, a sound designer is interested in contributing.

    I wish I had some nice fancy screenshots for you all to admire however, that's half the reason I'm here!

    I'd love to answer any questions or feedback you guys have, feedback is what progresses projects and makes them better!

    Thanks for listening!

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