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  • I need a simple html5 game or rather an interactive animation to put on the landing page.

    The story board is in my head & it involves things like:

    • similar to mario
    • NO enemies
    • simple point collection at a few places
    • Luigi who starts collecting points when Mario does something
    • Few text popups when action is performed
    • Scrolling screen not required but from my understanding of COnstruct its not a big deal

    Idea is to explain he website concept in an interactive manner.

    Let me know if someone is willing to build it and how much will it cost?

    If someone can share mario like capx that too is fine

  • PM'd.

    I have the full version of C2 and here is a game I'm working on:

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  • cant PM you .. can you provide appoximate effort doing this?

    My personal believe is i I get a sample mario capx (as created by   I can do what i want in not more than 1 day (8-9 hrs) but do let me know how much will it cost approx. (& believe it might exceed my budget given your rate :))

    I want to reiterate - need a simple game (640x 400) as required to be run on the front page

  • If I had to name a price, I'll do it for $50. It's really hard for me to name a price but it's what I'd be comfortable doing it for, and I'm assuming there might be a slightly complicated thing or two in it.

    I still need to be able to contact you some way though. I need your Skype or email address.

    I don't do graphics though. I hope you're providing some of some kind.

  • I can do this for you for about $50-$70 bucks, I also will do most of the graphics. Even maybe set it up on your site too for a few extra bucks if need be. Contact me here for further details.

  • if anybody gives up i'll do it for $50

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