NEED A PROGRAMMER FOR THE #glitch_jam @ Game Jolt!!

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  • Hello to you all, Constructors!

    I'm working on an entry for the #glitchjam hosted by Game Jolt ( ) and I need a programmer! Not because I can't do programming, in fact the engine already has a good foundation down, but because the deadline is nearing and we could implement so much more as a team!

    Glitch\\Quarentine is our entry for the #glitchjam , and will be a tile-based action game set in a digital world, reminiscent of the Megaman Battle Network series.

    Here is a video of what I got done so far :


    And some concept art : ! (I didn't bother to upload all the sketches for the upcoming enemies, but I might soon)

    I'm working with someone who creates 3D models from my concept arts, which I animate and post-edit in Photoshop. I plan to take care of the sound as well, I've handled it pretty well in my last projects.

    Anyway, please send me an e-mail at if you think you might be interested! We'll probably have a Skype call about it! ;D

    Joseph (Pandito)

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  • Hi! Your game looks good. I may be able to help you with something. However, I'm still using the free version so it has its limits. Thank you.


  • Sweet, maybe we can Skype about it then?

    P.S.: To other Construct 2 programmers, don't consider this thread as completed! Feel free to message me if ever you may be interested!

  • Mark? Please send me your email so we can communicate even when we're not both on skype at the same time!!

  • Thanks a lot for helping out guys! I think we're good now, thank you Construct 2 community ;D

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