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    Hi. I am an artist working on an arcade game with the codename "Escape from the Rainforest". It is a card matching game with a history behind it. I can draw all this stuff, but I've never been good at coding and publishing to the platforms and other technical stuff. So I am in need of a coder(co-partner) who will accompany me in creating and publishing this game. And of course sharing future revenues. I am ready to share 50\50 of whatever profit gained from the sales of the game.

    If you feel like participating in this game both technically and with your ideas - feel free to contact me via mail at or via skype at kritzien

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  • "It is a card matching game " you mean like memory match game? Can you explain more on the gameplay?

  • nice artworks, but a little more on how and what would be nice. And do you need a Coder or an Eventscripter?

  • In a few words. The pieces come upside-down and in a different direction on both sides of the screen. The player has to match them by symmetry(color, shape) to form a pair which is displayed in the center of the screen. Left piece once shot is stored in the memory and displayed in the status window in the top-left corner. To complete a pair you have to shoot down its remaining part from the right side once it appears on the screen. The player has a T-minus in a form of two menaces moving from both sides; once they touch her - she dies and level is restarted. To slow their rate she has to shoot some tiles in random order. The task is to collect 5 primary pairs (and\or additional bonus 5 pairs) to complete the level.

    I do not know what is the precise title of the guy who is needed - but I want a technically proficient person who can make it work neatly, maybe add some features. Well, basically, a partner, who will be interested in further cooperation and making money.

  • Sounds doable..

    If you are still looking I'd be interested..

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