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  • Hi, I'm looking for someone who can pixel art some small animated icons for my game? I can't offer any payment at the moment unfortunately, so this would be volunteer work, sorry. I will credit you in my game, however.

    A little background on my project: The project I'm working on is called Socket Rush. It's a social multiplayer game that will use WebSockets for communication. Players register though the game itself.

    The basic idea of the game is to fight different people, Real and computer generated. The user can engage different people in a one-on-one battle over Websockets.

    The mechanics of the game are completely turn based. They work in the same way as Draw Something on mobile, where a player sends a move, and waits for a response. Wins and losses are determined by who loses all their HP first, who forfeits, or who becomes inactive in the battle. Players can have a number of different battles going on at the same time, depending on their level.

    There are also other mechanics of the game: players can trade each other and put items up for sale in the Market, chatrooms will be provided for socializing and friends can send messages and gifts to each other.

    These icons that I need are for navigation. The icons need to be 64 by 64 pixels, with a twelve pixel blank margin on each of the four sides. I need 8 icons, with a looped animated and non-animated state:

    Home - a small house, animated to have smoke coming out the chimeny, non animated for light to be off and no smoke

    Player - a passport, closed when not animated, flipping through pages when animated

    Quests - a tablet computer, animated to scroll through messages, non animated to appear off

    Battles - a sword, normal when inanimate, shining when animate

    Friends - two people/heads side by side facing forward when inanimate, facing each other and talking when animate

    Market - a cash register opening and closing when anomate, closed when inanimate

    Bank - a gold coin, spinning when animate, facing forward when inanimate

    Community - speech bubbles tha appear to be moving when animate, still and empty when inanimate

    Hope someone can hlp with this :) sorry i can't offer payment :( but I will credit you in my game.

  • Don't mean to be rude, but maybe you could use placeholder graphics for icons at the moment, and when your game is nearer completion, show it off, and you might get a bit more interest.

    At the moment, we can't see anything of your game or what state it's in.

    If it was near completion or I could see it was at least to a good level and your have every chance to complete you project, I'd be more inclined to offer some free work.

    (That is an offer btw)


    (Maybe some description on the theme of the game, what style you are looking for? etc)

  • Discmach, I updated my OP to based on what you said :). Can't provide screenshots at the moment, but when I'v worked out some of the features, then I will post here.

  • So its a free game you are working on?

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  • At the moment, yes, but when I get enough money I'm going to buy a license and then start to add some premium features

  • I can't make you any custom graphics for free but we have a lot of free graphics on our website that you could use if you want to take a look.

    Check out our free game assets here, there is a free menu GUI pack that would maybe be useful.

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