Need Paid Programmer for Turn-based Strategy Game

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am looking to hire a programmer(s) who can do everything stated below. I have already made an unfinished game for this and will provide screenshots and sample video privately. Detailed Information such as salary and in-game mechanics to be discussed privately.

    Available position and details:

    • looking for programmer(s) who can do everything stated below
    • this is a paid position
    • start when everything is mutually agreed
    • period of employment will be continuous unless performance is below satisfactory

    Employer details:

    • name: Genesis Gonzales
    • location: Davao, Philippines
    • website:

    Project overview:


    • Android game (export, APK)
    • Turn-based strategy game and fight / battle type game hybrid / chess-like
    • Gameplay is similar to the PlayStation game entitled "Vandel Hearts 2" but excluding story and complexity. link is here:
    • 2D

    Features to be added (some are already implemented):

    • splash screen
    • main menu
    • game modes
    • character selection
    • game screen
    • leaderboard / ranking / google play game services
    • settings
    • credits

    Game modes;

    • P1 vs Com1 (single player)
    • Com1 vs Com2 (spectate)
    • P1 vs P2 (hotseat, online)
    • P1 vs P2 vs Com1 vs Com2 (hotseat, online)
    • P1 and P2 vs Com1 and Com2 (hotseat, online)

    Game screen:

    • 8x8 game board like chess
    • character information
    • turn information
    • menu buttons

    Additional details:

    • Ads (AdMob integration, I will provide the Ad Unit ID)
    • IAP (In-app purchases for in-game items)
    • AI (computer, artificial intelligence)
    • Hotseat multiplayer (1 device used)
    • Online multiplayer (WiFI, 3G, 4G, equivalent)
    • Top players (google play game services, leaderboard, ranking)
    • Can be played offline or online (should connect to Google Profile if played online to sync leaderboard)

    Contact information:


    Thank you.

  • GenEmm can you explore more ....

  • Hello!

    A example of what you already have would be Great!

    Budget? and is all art provided?



  • Is it multiplayer?

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  • To socialpilgrim: Do you mean explain more? I updated the first message, please check it. Thank you.

    To antares330: Kindly email me about those questions. Thank you.

    To Remus B: Yes, it is also multiplayer.

    Looking forward to a programmer to finish my games. It is almost done.

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