Need another 3 modeler and a concept artist for a surrealistic horror project based on the backrooms

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  • Hi, guys. My name is Andrew Astro and I am searching for a 3d modeler and a concept artist who have experience with Blender or 3D Max, and can create simple items like a desk, a cup of coffee, tools and etc, and more complicated items like mob models. At the moment we have the lead artist who has really good skills but we need a support 3d modeler and a concept artist. If you have any of those sets of skills please message me and I'll send you more info.

    The game presents surrealistic horror experience heavily based off the backrooms creepypasta that started with the post made on 4chan. The player will have an opportunity to noclip through reality and traverse in the cryptic horror theme of the forgotten world. The game itself happens in the first person and has survival genre elements. The game consists of multiple layers or locations that become darker and more mysterious while progressing the game.

    The noclipped world exists outside of human comprehension and understanding, it is the warehouse of all things that were long forgotten and exiled. Everything, that is denied by reality ends up here. You will have to strive and endeavour to seek the unforgivable truth behind this place's true purpose. So basically it is a game that consists of around 4-5 levels and every level consists of multiple rooms and a few enemy types that the player meets through the game. The first enemy in the game will be chasing the player in the first location until he runs away enough. The entire game shall give the player a claustrophobic feeling as he is going through a randomized map trying to find a way to the next level, he will have to get keys and during his game progress he will learn more about the place's story and its purpose. If you find it interesting message me.

    Right now we are in progress of starting the development of the game, we are trying to create a demo and start a Kickstarter it, our team consists of around 5 people and 1 artist, however, we are in need of extra help if we want to keep working on this game. If you found any of this interesting please contact me by messaging on this mail - deathunique2kze@yandex.ruu or on my discord - Arstotzka Empire#9883. Thank you for reading this.

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