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  • Howdy all,

    I am looking to establish a business relationship with someone who can produce behaviors and pluggins for construct 2 who can afford to work very small jobs (this would be a sort of "on the side" gig ). The coding will be varied, but typically very short and something you could easily do in a few hours.

    I am an experienced coder and typically do the work myself, but life circumstances are preventing me from coding as much as I would like to. Consequently, I need help. To give you an idea of what you would be doing, see the 1st job description bellow.

    I need a a behavior that does the following:

    Saves the following states:









    For each state, the following expressions would be available (i'll use "up" as an example):

    behavior.Up (returns true if state "up" is true)

    behavior.UpA (returns true if state "up" was set to true this tick)

    behavior.UpX (returns true if state "up" was set to false this tick)

    behavior.UpLT (returns the amount of time passed since up was set true last time)

    behavior.UpT (returns the amount of time passed since up was set true this time)

    behaviror.UpD (returns true if state "up" was set to true twice in the last n time, where n represents a property that could be changed)

    Those same expressions would also be available as conditions (minus the ones that return a number, rather than boolean)

    Then as you might assume, the following actions per state would be available:

    Set stateDirection (select Up,Down,left,right , select toggle, On, Off) - This action would store the new state of an object, store the time the event happened, and store the previous state as well.

    I think thats about it.... At this point I would ask you about questions you may have about implementation, and I would ask you how long you think it would take (ie when will you get back with it) and how much money you would want for it. I would tell you that I wouldn't pay more than $25usd for it. Because most of this script involves simply retyping a bunch of crap I should expect typing speed will have more to do with dev time than anything else.


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  • Hey , i am in if you want

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