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  • hi all

    i'm a flash designer/developer by nature but have to build out two simple html5-based games for a project. i'm using construct2, as it seems like one of the better dev tools out there, but i'm totally mystified by it. help!

    i need immediate help building out a simple "point and click" game: a number of trees are being chopped down by lumberjacks. every 5 seconds the tree "falls" (or drops down a notch). clicking on a lumberjack will return the tree to it's original height, but failing to click on the tree before it reaches it's last notch will result in the tree falling (or, in this case, the tree and lumberjack will flash a red color and disappear from the layout/scene). the gameplay lasts a duration of 30 seconds. it's a fairly straightforward game but I can't figure out how to do this in Construct2 in the time i have allotted.

    i will pay you $400 to complete this, what i consider to be a simple game. shouldn't take you any more than 6-8 hours if you're skilled at using Construct2. assets are ready to go; it's just a matter of setting the behaviors.

    contact me at if interested. thanks!


  • robsimmons


  • e-mail sent

  • sent you an email :)

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  • Will you be providing all of the artwork? Have you found someone for this position yet?

  • Pm with him, and have not any anwser.

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