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    If you need any help I can help you out for chump change or even for free just to gain popularity. Hopefully people can help me to buy a license through donations.

    Don't be afraid to ask, big or small project. I can take on any task!

    You can't say you can make any 2d game in C2 just like that!!! I have been using C2 for 2 years and I still need so much to learn since each games requires new system and events to make them work smoothly. Yeah you may knew the basics but even though not enough. Sorry I'm not saying that to let you down but to encourage you to give construct 2 more time for practice and building skills on it. And big project , can you make a full big game alone? You will need a full year at least by the way how old are you?

    Hope you are understanding what I mean

    Maybe he spent 12 hours a day using c2 since he started and he could be very smart and quick to grasp, so it's possible in my opinion.

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    I'm 20 years old and a student. I don't mean to be arrogant or anything and yeah I do get what you saying. But I believe I can get things done, I'm a fast learner. I believe construct 2 has so much potential:

    Like the other day I spent the whole day researching how to make a character walk on slopes and auto-adjust their angle - I found nothing that was relevant.

    Then one day out of the blue sat down and in like 15 minutes I got it to work, I have a player that walks on any kinda slopes and auto adjusts no matter what - all under 5 events. I also created a template to change controls in-game to your preferred custom control without adding any functions or extra events.

    I'm not bragging or anything I'm just trying to prove a point. I'm not a genius or anything LOL I just dedicate myself in whatever I do, and yes I do burn the midnight oil sometimes working on construct 2 and Unity 3D. And I'll be making tutorials on "In-game change controls" and "walking on slopes" plus many more discoveries I find

    It's logical if you're able to hang of it fairly quickly just in a day, IF you're a physic/math/computerScience/engineering/anythingWithNumber college student, you don't even need a week because C2 is already very easy to understand and use.

    That's true but I'm an I.T student.

    Haha with me being bad at physics, maths and almost everything DuckfaceNinja mentioned, I am always looking to learn from people who are more efficient than me. 15 minutes?! I too noticed the slope problem for platform early on......except it took me more than 1 day to solve it, and I am pretty sure it had more than 5 events Haha good for you Wazza, your knowledge and feedback would be definitely appreciated here in the forums.

    I too noticed the slope problem for platform early on......except it took me more than 1 day to solve it, and I am pretty sure it had more than 5 events.

    This happen to me before

    Wazza .. would you be interested in this -

    Wazza .. would you be interested in this -

    Unfortunately I'm only doing freelance jobs at the moment. I wouldn't mind helping you out though.

    Users without a license can't provide freelance work. This goes against the free license agreement.


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