Need help in making HTML5 educational games for kids

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  • Hi all, I am Sanjay, from and Indian Educational company called Educational Initiatives, we are planning to make lot of awesome educational games for the school going students who can access and play these games to learn maths with fun. I have created some mini projects through Contruct 2, and it was quite easy. But I am stuck at three places, please help me out to figure out the solutions to these challenges -

    1. Fetching and storing data from MYSQL database.

    2. Detecting the number embedded within an object or embedding a number with an object which can be detected on touch or overlap events.

    3. Since all or students access these game through browsers across devices (Laptop, iPad, Android Tablet), the game should be able to detect the device and change few things (like controls) in the game accordingly.

    I feel after overcoming the above-mentioned challenges, I will be able to develop HTML5 games using construct 2 in full swing.



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  • sanjayprajapati Hello sir , I can create the game for you at a really VERY low cost . I am sending you a P.M with my email , you can contact me there

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