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  • Hi all,

    Im designing a very small game and im looking for someone to help me make it look better and a little bit with the code as I am new to this. If you know the game Deal or no deal that would be a plus


  • A few screenshots would be great!

    Your looking to have a few features added and code cleaned up?

    Is this a paying job? or free?

  • here imgur(dot)com/a/GNr2c

    A bit of both, just have a few bits I cant do, like to make the font of the textboxes better and add 3 more to each side and make it look better

    Its a paying job

  • sending you a PM

  • cant reply to pm's but I have a caps file here at

  • I sent you another PM with my email attached...

    Although I will be out of state tomorrow.

  • Anyone available to take a look and maybe come on Skype and do it together?

    Haven't received any pm :/

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  • Hey padmick,

    Sorry, I haven't contacted you sooner, I was out of state. (Family thing)

    There are 3 routes we can go.

    1. If you want to learn the ropes of Construct 2, I can make a video tutorial series... I would upload it to Youtube or Udemy. (starting from scratch) I would then send you the final capx and you would have access to the videos to learn and build it yourself.

    2. I can make the game, and just send you the final project.

    But it really depends, are you looking to learn? or just get this project done?


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