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  • NOTE: I currently have a few requests I am taking care of. But I will update this post when I am free again.

    I have 25 years experience dabbling in graphic design and animation. I am seeking experience in the gaming industry, so I am willing to help just about anyone. Usually small things I can do for free. But even if you have a larger project, I am very reasonable.

    It is best before contacting me that you put together any reference images demonstrating a style or type of image you are after. Especially if you have a game in progress. That way I can match up the style, color, animations, etc in the images I create for your game. It is easy to find something similar to what you are after on Google. And it will speed up the design process if you have these ready to send with your request. Requests with the most detail and sample images will be given a higher priority.

    Send me a PM and tell me what you need. If you want to chat via Skype, text messages, or whatever - include your contact info and we can get something setup.

    Here are some examples of my work:

  • I have little stuff too...

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  • I do some 3D modeling also. They told me I am too fat to model. But I do it anyway

  • Hi there, if you're still offering art out I have what I think could be a simple request but being god awful at art I can't say for sure, looking for a cartoon character on a pogo stick with animation of jumping for a simple side scroller game. Full credits would be given when game is released. Can't use on system due to low rep on forum but if you use discord can on on there. User name is AbelzAu#6209. If you can't or don't want to its no problem .

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