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  • Hi Guys,

    I have a jewellery website and wish to have a simple game created that I can host on my site.

    I want a single level game, timed to play for say 1 minute, and be able to generate and display a code based on the score the player gets. I need to be able to change the code easily and score that triggers it.

    i.e. if they score 100 points then code1, between 101 and 200 then code2, maybe 4 or 5 different score groups / codes.

    It needs to be jewellery related, ie tossing a diamond ring and landing it on the fingers of a hand. I'm sure you can think of other ideas.

    It can't be too hard, a player should be able to get the highest score possible after playing for 10 or 15 minutes.

    If you are interested in developing a simple game (for little money or a great deal ie factory cost, on jewellery) please let me know your ideas.



  • whats your budget

  • Is there a deadline? I'd like to help if you can accept it takes some time.. (both for graphics and gameplay)

  • sounds interesting

    please update with deadline details

    if you could DrGreenThumbCAN in your deadline update it'd be appreciated

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  • Hi Guys,

    I don't have a fixed deadline, a month or so would be fine.

    As far as a budget, I know I can buy skinned games (in flash) for around $300, but I would much prefer to spend $0

    My prefered option is to let you buy jewellery at cost price from the factory which is way below retail in stores. I'll give full details privately, not on this forum.



  • I would be able to do this but not for a jewelry discount I have no need for that. I was thinking along the lines of your idea of a ring toss game with the ring being tossed onto the fingers. Make it much like a ballistics type game where the player must set angle and release at correct power level to cause ring to soar with gravity and wind till it lands on the finger. Player will have to adjust angle and power till he lands it. Use a full hand and have different points for each finger most points would be the ring finger. then of course the codes given as the player achieves certain points. I wanted to message you this in private but my level restricts that.

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