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  • So I have made a game that is similar to Flappy Bird, but it is a guy flapping instead of a bird. It is really cool and creative. However I am new to the game making stuff, and I REALLY need a partner to help me finish it.

    It looks decent for now, but I want to make it marketable so I can generate revenue. Why? I am a foster kid, and my time in care is almost up, so I am dirt poor! Anyone interested?

    If you help me finish my game by making it marketable, we can split any possible revenue, 50/50. Its a very simple game btw, not trying to be tooo fancy. I promise that this game has alot of potential! However as I have stated, due to my foster care position, I do not have enough time and energy to complete it all by myself.

  • Also, if you want to see the project, you can email me at savaunhaxpko@gmail

  • [quote:crgtgyz1]is similar to Flappy Bird

    quote:crgtgyz1]cool and creative

    First denies the second.

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  • Flappy bird is more of a genre these days then a game. (at least it made a genre)

    There are still plenty of cool and creative things left to do in that genre...

    OP: I would consider giving you a hand, but I have other projects going on atm. Although I would love to play test it

  • [quote:evvmrycn]is similar to Flappy Bird

    quote:evvmrycn]cool and creative

    First denies the second.

    What does this mean?

  • Flappy Bird is so overdone and generic now that there is little you can do to make your game "cool and creative" when the base game is Flappy Bird. That's what it means.

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