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  • I work in literacy. We donate literacy solutions to developing communities ()

    I am looking for a Mario-style game that allows the actor to

    • create a ladder of letters or
    • a bridge of letters.
    • sometimes unjumble the words.
    • sometimes assemble words from phonic components

    There are 1500 words, and I have the words as audio. The player can click or touch to hear the word and either type or slide letters into position

    sometime there will be a single missing letter, sometime the whole word

    Points accumulated and different levels

    The budget is limited - suits someone who has a game which can be tweaked

  • you can see the work we doo at "teachtheworldtoread" - search for it

  • What you wanted is not very clear, is everything based on typing and actor will make bridge or unjumble etc.....

  • Like a Puzzle-Plattformer?

  • Hi, I'm not sure what a "Puzzle-Platformer" is - can you explain?

  • Well like.... you build a bridge by drag-n-dropping the right letters together...then you walk over it.

  • That is correct. The artwork doesn't have to be astonishing, though I have artists who can do actors and backgrounds. What is important is that I can control the words through an external txt file with a comma delimited set of words

    or an xml or some means that I can make changes

    I have words (eg "cat") and when the actor approaches the bridge the words will sound, so the kids can choose the right letters

    I would control the levels by using the word set discussed above

    Obviously I would need more activity than just crossing bridges - it has to be "exciting for kids". I would be guided by your advice as to what you can do cost effectively

  • The drag and drop would also need to be typed, depending on the platform.

  • donntrent how many levels you are expecting and type of activities.

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  • donntrent Kyatric

    This is kind of a job offer and has nothing to do with education in the meaning of this topic. If you would put it underthe jobs-section adding a {Paid} marker, i´m sure you would gather more interest.

  • Moved.

    Also make sure to edit posts thanks to the little pen icon in the top right corner instead of posting multiple posts in a row.

  • This looks like a great project, and just up my Alley (I like helping people)

    but I will need to know a few things...

    1. What is the most important platform? (although we can port to others, we need to focus on 1 to start with)

    2. What budget do you have?

    3. What time frame do you need this by?

    4. How do I know this is for "teachtheworldtoread" (Just to make sure...)

    Look forward to working with you!


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