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  • Hello, Guys!

    I'm artist and game design. So, i need a programmer. But i need an experienced programmer that can help me to create my ideas and make money!

    I want to create games for Mobile or Computer. And do not worry... I have the Construct License for us!


    1) I want to create great games with Construct 2, like Super Ubie, Penelope Race To Odysseus, etc;

    2) I need someone with commitment;

    3) I need someone that love games;

    4) I need someone that try ti understand my english; (I'm from Brazil and sometimes use Google Tranlate haha)

    5) I need someone that dont give up;

    The first game that i want to create is:

    1) A RPG;

    2) Top down vision; (Like Pokemon - Game Boy Advanced, Zelda, etc)

    3) Pixel Art;

    My way to work:

    1) Create the basic idea;

    2) Increase more ideas after the basic idea;

    3) Launch beta; (fix the bugs)

    4) Launch alpha; (and make money)

    If someone is interested, please send a message to talk. I love games and want to create great 2D games.

    So join me and let's go!



  • Actually it's alpha first then beta.

    Good luck with finding someone.

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  • Hey man! I'm from Brazil too, so I'm going to PM you in portuguese alright?

  • And do not worry... I have the Construct License for us!

    Hope you not planning to share a single license

    Out of interest, business or personal. Steam or scirra version.

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