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  • Looking for a vector/raster graphics designer for a 2D action platformer.

    Already have the GDD of the project, soon to post first concept designs.

    A little background of mine:

    I am the lead developer of this project.

    I have developed 15 games so far, from games made by my engine to games made in Unity and Construct 2.

    Soon to release 2 other games. I also work on vector graphics as well.

    The other team members are 2 designers and 1 composer.

    All are very skilled and work hard. I can find 4 other composers if needed.

    Also have contacts with a pixel artist, but he won't be part of the team, since we need vector/raster artists.

    I expect the artist to be at least as good as me in design so he can contribute.

    The marketing part, as well as Steam and kickstarter are mentioned in the GDD.

    I will also pay for certain marketing strategies as well as develop the website of the game. (Including payment of hosting/domain)

    This is a serious project, so only serious designers are encouraged to apply.

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