Need Construct2 Dev for simple game.

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  • Hello,

    My name is Kyle. I am a designer/animator with 10-years experience. I've played games most of my life but this is my first attempt to create one. I have a near-complete designed game ready to be coded. I could take the time to learn the code/process myself but I'm seeking a Construct2 developer who's willing to plug in my graphics into a relatively simple game. I have examples and assets. I am not paying but hoping to work with someone who's maybe also new and willing to help me complete this game to potentially make a few dimes back once it's released. Please message me if you're interested!

    To recap:

    • Simple game concept, need developer
    • 90% of the game assets finished
    • Heavy storytelling with beautiful graphics
    • Unpaid but looking for a reliable partner
    • Can work together on future projects



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  • I should also mention that my assets are fully optimized and vector-based (can be scaled to any size). Currently they are set up for iPad 3 resolution. I have a sound designer as well.

  • I think you'll get a better response if you post some of your graphics. They don't have to be from the game if you're not comfortable showing those.

  • Hi Kyle,

    I am very much interested in making a story driven game with good graphics and relatively simple game play. I have made and sold a couple of games myself and can confidently say I have a strong grasp of construct 2. I would like to know more about your project. If you are interested, please send me an email at and we can share details. We can definitely take this further!


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