Need Construct 3 Developer to Make Edu Games

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  • We are experienced graphic illustrators and we also have dabbled in Construct 3, where we know how to make things, but we need someone to help us take things to the next level and build a series of educational apps for mobile, ipads, and HTML 5.

    We are looking for someone to partner with us and make money with us. We have some cash, but not a ton, and are looking for someone who wants to take a ride with us, as we are experienced online sellers, social media gurus, and we know how to drive traffic as needed to niche groups.

    Please let us know if this is of interest. We are open to paying per project if someone is not interested in partnering and building apps with us.

    We have more details and specifics for anyone interested to discuss privately. We have an Apple Developer account, we have the ideas, specs, artwork, examples of what we need done, but just need someone or a group to build the next fun simple edu app company.

  • I would be interested in making such apps if youd care to discuss the details further I can make apps that get pretty elaborate (that would be on C2 if you dont specifically require c3

  • Hi, i speak spanish and english.

    I use c2.


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  • Hi TocaLuna,

    Hope you are well !!

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned task at minimum cost, You can inbox me on

    I’ll be delighted to receive your reply mail!

    Best Regards,

    Gabriel Albert

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