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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to Construct 2 and would love to create a platform game dedicated to our beloved pooch Mickey. He is an Old English Bulldog, stands slightly taller than what most are used to seeing. Mickey has a "hidden Mickey" in his brindle coat. He's a great loving dog and since my wife and I don't have kids, he's our little guy. I just wanted to give you an idea of him before asking what I need

    Now, what I am looking for is a main character for the game. The whole idea will be to go through and unlock levels by collecting items as you go. One level may be bones, the next may be little treats or something. As you progress it will of course become harder with various enemies the squash. Think Mario meets our pup Mickey, without a fire spitting boss per level.

    Initially, or until I can get a budget to add some sparkle to the game, I'll be using mostly open source art from both Scirra and online. If I can get enough interest with friends and people playing, I may go the kickstarter route or greenlight but that will be some time from now.

    For now, I can promise a mention in the credits, some of my programming skills in trade and possibly a little cash. All I am looking for is a sprite that will represent his walking motion and a jumping state. Preferably something cartoonish in nature, something that would work well with this tile set on OpenGameArt: Platformer Art Complete Pack.

    Here is a pic of Mickey for reference, anything with his likeness or colors would be awesome.

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