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  • I am an interactive designer with over 12 years of experience looking to do a personal "pet" project. (samples of my work can be found at

    Anyhow, this project is being paid out of my own meager pockets and I'm looking for a solution that allows me to personally do a lot of the work to save money. I just finished a project in GameMaker, delivering an interactive exhibit to the National Park Service where I did all the design and easy (drag&drop) coding while my programmers handled a few things that were beyond my almost non-existent programming skills. I was hoping to repeat that development model with C2.

    For those that are interested, I am looking to build a website centered around a highly interactive leaderboard. This is for a contest that lasts 6 months where contestants would need to be able to login, fill out entry forms and upload photos. Admin level members would to be able to review and edit entries. Visitors to the website would need to be able to sort, filter and drill down for details using the leaderboard.

    If you are interested in getting more details please contact me.


  • Honestly seems like it could be done in php, waaaay simpler. A modded wordpress would handle the job well.

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  • Judging by his website, it looks like when he says highly interactive, he might mean something animated and interesting happening. DavidEllzey, if you mean where things are moving around or the leaderboard has flipping effects, anything like that would be possible in C2. You'll have to wait for someone else to answer about the other stuff like entries, and login, and photoupload. I'm pretty sure it's all possible, just haven't used c2 enough to know if it's simple to do or not.

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