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  • Hello,

    I am developing several games and need to find a

    business partner to co-develop 50/50.

    I need a partner who is experienced in game programming

    for HTML5 using Construct 2, and publishing to iOS.

    Please contact me if you would like to start a new

    company from the ground floor.

    Michael Balistreri

  • What are the requirements, are there Age restrictions? How will you communicate to your co-workers, do you have a file transfer system set up, how will you communicate invoice payments to your co-workers so you can split profits evenly, and lastly what is the payment method?

  • Do you have any talents , are you an artist or a programmer ? Could you show us some of your work ?

  • Do you have... THE CASH ???-!!!-??? < i can bring everything else to the party-- if so, P.M. me a.s.a.p. >

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • Sorry I haven't got back with you guys on this posting, I've been working on several projects

    that needed immediate attention.

    Anyway, contact me direct for more details, I'm looking for a partner, not an employee..

    This would be an opportunity to be a full partner and receive a percentage of sales.

    To answer your question White Claws, I am both an artist and a programmer, but I'm an

    electronic engineer by trade and I've been programming Windows based applications

    for many years. I'm also a bass player, drummer, and song writer.

    I am currently closing a deal to develop an unrelated business APP and I am looking for

    a partner who can take the game concept that I have already developed and programmed,

    and help to finalize it. As I programmed the game, I realized that I need somebody who

    can help me debug, and publish the game for mobile devices.

    Basically, the game I developed is designed and tested as a WEB BASED Game and I've had

    alot of trouble getting it to work properly on the iPad for example. Weird bugs that don't make

    sense, but I'm more of a Windows guy and not an Apple guy. To be honest, I find the Apple

    development process very restrictive and I get angry trying to work with it.

    Anyway, my e mail is

    Contact me direct for more details if anyone is interested.

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  • Can't post the email address..

    I got blocked...

  • balistreri







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