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  • Hello

    Job offer

    I�m currently expanding my current business and im looking for some experienced professional people to assist me in a current job i have undertaken, possible future employment is available.

    The current job available is for a ford dealership, the game is currently a 2D drag race with a added hub for customizing the car from a selection of ford vehicles.

    If you are a skilled games artiest or veteran construct 2 user please contact me, you will be paid very well it will be based on the level and standard of work you bring to the table. Due to my business seeing an increase in orders I will be considering long term employment for my up and coming studio if this also interests you.

    My business background

    I currently provide a service which gives my customers the chance to create and customize from a selection of pre-defined choices their own game on a multitude of platforms. I�m currently in the proses of expanding this business due to the increase of orders and profit. This is a unique studio fitting into a gap that is yet to be filled until now.



  • it is a paid position? :D thanks

  • Hello I am an artist, animator, and c2 developer.

    Please tell me more about this job.

    Are you going to use 3D assets to render 2.5D?

    Do you already have the models? If not I am very good at making car models. I did all of the vehicles for "Running with Rifles".

    I have worked for Jagex on Ace of spade, I have also worked with SoC on an unreleased title.

    What is the pay?

  • imothep85 - yes

    jojoe - Thank you for the reply your previous work looks very impressive, I'm currently testing a number of options to get the best possible look but I?m definitely favouring the 2.5D yes. Once the design document is created and ironed out the work will begin.

    The budget currently stands at $600-$800 so depending on the level and amount of work you bring to the table you will be paid fairly. Once again this could lead to future work if that was to interest you.

  • Without knowing the number of assets that need to be created but guessing based on the description, that doesn't seem like a very big budget for the time investment that would be required to create what you're looking for.

  • This is due to the fact that my client is not looking to create the next best racing game, more of a novelty title to engage his audience.

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  • Could you link/post some example images perhaps of the style you want. Finding it a little difficult to grasp.

    Do you have official Ford licence then for the models of the cars?



    We are looking into something similar to this obviously it will only have a handful of vehicles which shouldn't be hard to find previous models for, and a few tracks. As i stated before this will be mostly for novelty and a fun way to buy ford vehicles from the dealership im in talks with. I will have the licence to use the vehicles yes.

    The window to be apart of this job is growing very close so if you are interested please make yourself known.

  • That budget is too small for amount of work required. I'm out. Best of luck dude.

  • Hi, I'm a developer, can make images too, but that's not my strong point (I didn't do the graphics on any of theese)

    some of my work

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