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  • Hey guys,

    I just made a little RPG combat engine and wanted to see how to get a good workflow going. Just wanted to know if anyone out there uses Spriter and could give me a hand?

    This project is just a trial to see how well it works and I only need 3 rough characters, I am just trying to sort out workflow for when my team starts on it next year. So no pay available, but if it works alright you can join the rest of the team later. But mainly this is just a good little bit of teamwork experience.

  • I've done a bit of fiddling with Spriter in the past. For the most part, it comes off as a bit intimidating at first until you find out it's own little process. I can give ya a hand or a few pointers if you need it.

  • RandomFellow - Yeah it would be great if you could! I myself won't be using spriter much, it will be for the other guys in the team. I need to program them all once they are in C2 though and be aware of its capabilities.

    So if you have an SVN I can give you the repository details to a test project (if not, here's the tutorial - it's very simple!). Then just try adding and altering a few bits here and there until it stops being awkward :)

    There are just some things that need clarity in order to be streamlined, such as naming conventions, how to let the artists alter in C2 easily and without conflicts, etc. I just want to really hit the ground running next year.

    You can PM me any questions or suggestions you have!

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  • We tried to use it once and the packaged apks didnt play animations, probably because packaging service doesnt identify.

  • krish - Yeah Spriter recently updated to allow them to work on Android, so now they work :) Tizen still doesn't though.

    Anyway I'm not really into mobile dev anymore. I'm looking forward to pushing C2 to its limits, instead of pushing hardware.

  • Did you test if the PC exe export would work fine?

    Please share info if it did :)

  • krish - Heh, thanks for the prod, I hadn't tested on NW yet and they don't appear. I've asked Lucid about it and will let you know when I get a response.

    Did you have any projects in mind that would particularly make use of Spriter exe? (Just curious!)

  • yeah an upcoming PC game we want to make.

    Just want to take off a little burden off my artist's shoulders :)

  • krish - Turns out it works for everyone else and this is a problem specific to my project. It works in NW preview mode too, just the export is failing me. So I recommend you give it a try - only takes a minute to check ;)

  • It was the same for us. It works in preview because browsers support it.

    Doesnt work after packaging it. (unless brashmonkey has fixed this)

    We were using 0.98b

  • krish - Yeah they definitely fixed it, I have played other people's exes with Spriter objects in them now. And for me in works in node webkit preview (not browser preview). So it seems I just have something funky with my system.

    You can check the chatter here:

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