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    Hello. I am in search of an digital artist (Any style of art you are most experienced in) for a game I am developing. (What a shock! D:) It's basically a angled top perspective (i.e. Legend of Zelda style), and details so on and so on.

    I was planning to make the whole game myself, but I am really bad at drawing, even though I've been drawing for over 17 years, but I dunno why I still struggle. (Maybe I'm LD, or just plain retarded, I guess). I even seen some people draw for like, 5 years, and have experience of a professional. FML, I guess. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Anyway, I just need an artist to draw most of particles in the game, such as environments, characters (I will make a rough sketch of them for you to improve on), and so on. I will do SOME art, but I need a good (Or at lease a heck of a lot better than me) digital artist to help me throughout this.

    As of pay? Well, I'm not the wealthiest person around, but If I get it published to a game portal, like Newgrounds, or Steam, and make profit off of it, I will surely oblige to split the payments with whoever helps me.

    Thank you.

    Contact me if you are interested:

    Skype: arrogantchicken


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  • OK, I just realized that I posted in the wrong forum. Guess I am actually retarded. So can a moderator please move this over to the Help Wanted forum? Thank you.

  • hi gator. i'm trying to make a game by myself but right now seems pretty hard for me to encode.. haha

    (and, I was trying to encode a game with the construct classic and now all what I knew, won't work. so I have to start all over.. anyway)

    if I can be of any help, here are my graphic works.

    let me know anything you need.


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