Need artist for 2D flat-colored backgrounds. $200-300\mo

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  • Hi there! I'm looking for an artist who's interested in an ongoing job drawing multiple backgrounds in a style that matches the images in this post.

    I can pay $25 for a sample job of 2-3 backgrounds on a comic page. Ultimately, if I can find the right artist from these samples, I'd like to make an arrangement where I'd pay $200-300\mo for the same sort of work on an ongoing basis. It'd be a work-for-hire type of thing.

    Here are some examples of the style you'd need to match. (Ignore the characters.)

    It's a very straightforward style: just the pencil tool in Photoshop at a high resolution, using a limited palette. However, it's very important that you can imitate the existing art so yours does not look out of place beside it.

    Super-detailed rendered artwork is not what this job is about, but perspective skills are a must.

    I would provide a very basic sketch of what the area should look like, and you would fill it in. Certain existing art could be used as references, for example, the service counter of the fast-food restaurant could be drawn using the existing art showing the table as inspiration for the colours and decoration.

    More links:

    The palette in .aco format: ... l.png?dl=0

    A screenshot of the palette: ... l.png?dl=0

    If you're interested, send me an email: suitcase at-symbol Links to any existing background art you've done (in a similar style?) would help a lot.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Just a little bump for this topic in case anyone who's interested missed it. Feel free to send me an email if you think this is a thing you could do!

  • Hey,

    if you are still interested in an artist, please feel free to contact me. The best way to reach me is by my email

    My art style is relative and i am quite adaptable. please feel free to browse my portfolio on my website:

    if you have any questions, ill be more than happy to help you!

  • Bumping this again as I didn't get as many replies back as I'd like. Still looking.

    I have an "audition" task ready to go, now, so I'd be able to pay you a small amount for something small that could lead to something big.

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  • Last bump before I give up!

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