I need a 2D game programmer to start ASAP

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  • Systems Needed: Combat, Local Multiplayer

    Budget: 50-200

    If you can do this and can start ASAP PM me with contact info and we'll talk.


  • The systems needed are a bit too general in order to do any type of assesment. Could you please give more information?

  • Sorry about that, more specifically I need someone who can create a system where the higher the damage variable on a player the further they are knocked back when attacked. I also no longer need local multiplayer however, I do need 4 player online or LAN.

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  • Okay, the information is still quite general. Good luck on your project.

  • Prazon, alvarop is right. your budged is really tight so you have to specify exactly what you want to have... maybe a prototype of the prototype is doable for this budged...

    • What does atacking mean, (range, close combat?
    • how does the battlefield look
    • what is the goal of the game

    and so on...

    if you have any fears that your idea is stolen (which seems like this is the case)

    make your budget at least 10 times as big and then make an nda with the requesting developers


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