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  • I am working on a game and am looking for suggestions for a catchy name for it.

    the game is a top down view point and click adventure. The basic storyline is the player wakes up in an Inn and finds that his companion is missing. to complete the adventure the player must search for clues, and talk to NPC`s to discover what happened to his companion. His adventure will take him around the Inn and village and out into the wild lands that contain swamps, forests, caves, grass lands as well as friendly and hostile villages and NPC`s

  • zordork - i can't suggest a name without at least going for one pun <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    the INNteresting story of ___

    i am a fan also of catchy one word names (Limbo):

    • Gone
    • Missing
    • Vacancy
    • Vanished
  • Hay , google video game name generator :D , you'll find plenty of cool stuff

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  • I like puns too. How about...

    The InnEscapable case of (insert missing character's name).

  • Nighttime Plumber Quest

    Elmo's Outlaw Nation

    Almighty Casino Brothers

  • "Where is my Bro?"

    "Missing Dude"

    "Fancy Search"

    "Quite Vanished"

    "Looking with Words"

  • I'm Not Sure What Happened Last Night, But Mistakes Were Surely Made

    ... I like long titles...

  • "The Day that Rover Died"

  • thanks for all the suggestions. as my game is going to consist of more than one game set around the same character and his adventures I have decided to have a main title and a chapter title. The adventures are going to take place in the fantasy land of Gamlarike (I came up with this name by search different languages, to find a translation of "The Old Kingdom" that sounded mystical/fantasy like)

    So my series of games are going to go under the the name of "Adventures In Gamlarike" and the first chapter is going to be called "Without a Trace"

  • zordork

    sounds really good, like how you have come up with the name.

  • Some things to consider:

    Are people going to be able to google it (i.e. no odd spellings)

    Are people going to be able to remember it (i.e. not a generic name).

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