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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm Michael Rubel. I have been making music for 5 years, two of them - professionally. I give preference to chiptune,

    which I compose using both trackers (famitracker, modplug tracker, LSDJ, renoise) and consoles (famicom, gameboy and others).

    But also I like to make any other electronic music: chillout, casual and etc

    I offer my services for creating music and sound design for games.

    You can check out a compilation of my works:


    • Kinamania the Game (NES chiptune, from 0:56)

    • Wellboy (Casual)

    • Testosterone Karting (16 bit)

    • For TV show (Electronic)

    • Listeria Wars (8bit):

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

    mail: rubel.nmboom(at)gmail(dot)com

    skype: ffninja

    Have a nice day!


  • Hi there,

    If you really have that much experience ill want to ask you to Make the following for me:

    -2 background music, 1 sticky music That its fun to hear.

    And another like an action music for a fighting game

    • 4 different scary laughs with different kids laughs one evil kid laught for each sound (because are from evil kids attackinck you) and then like 4 other sounds of the same kids bht saying ouch! Always each voice seperate
    • And then just 2 different punch sounds and one OUCH! With deep voice
    • AND finally a loosing sound for the game over.

    Please youll be fully credited for this

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  • Updates!

    • Chiptune

    • Chiptune with 'real' drums

  • Hey Guys,

    I am available for new projects!

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