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  • Hey guys, I am a producer/artist/composer/whatever. I started playing piano at the age of 5 but I have been producing music on a computer for about 3 years. If anyone needs someone to do the audio design and music design work for your game then feel free to contact me at .

    My Soundcloud is Compence. I make a lot of 8-bit/chiptune type music so if you're making a pixelated game this would work pretty well. I'm not restricted to chiptune/electronic music though.

    I also have some basic knowledge of how to use Construct 2 so I could help out with the programming a bit. I tried making a game a while back but I abandoned the game because there was another game just like it that I didn't know about until halfway through the project. I can do graphic design but it'd be pretty generic. If you need someone to manage social networking pages for some reason then I can do that too.

    I'm not yet sure if I will want to charge for any of this. I guess it depends on how much I'm doing.

    If you don't want to contact me through email then you can contact me on one of my YouTube channels or my Soundcloud. I used my soundcloud daily and I will get back to you within a a few days on my YouTubes

    Soundcloud: Compence

    YouTube: CalebTheMusic, CalebTheGaming, CalebTheSkiing

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  • Email is cakillian icloud (dot) com

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