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  • I have a 2 player game that only works locally right now.

    Kongregate Link

    I need someone to add multiplayer support so that you can play on your computer with someone else on another computer. Ideally, it would be nice if after you click on the start button, it would take you to another layout with two buttons, one that says Local, and another that says online. If you click local it takes you to the layout I have now. If you click online it takes you to a different layout, finds another person, connects you two, decides the host, plays the game, then once the game is over disconnects you two and takes you back to the menu.

    Download CAPX

    If you decide to help, you can add your logo to the beginning, and just paste the link to the updated capx in the description. Thanks!

    Tabor Holly

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  • Salut Taborgreat,

    Your game is a good idea! I was looking for multiplayer .capx examples and I found this thread if it might help you or someone else to implement it:

    Good continuation...

  • multiplayer is quite easy if you start out with multiplayer in mind, or if you have used functions enough to make multiplayer 'hook' into the game easily. However what you have would require quite a large recode in order to make it multiplayer.

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  • What briggybros said.

    I have designed full games and tried to implement multiplayer which resulted in a headache. Best to start with multiplayer and built on top of each milestone, stacking, testing etc.

    Multiplayer, isn't as straightforward and flexible, unless special care has been taken in structuring your game accordingly.

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