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  • I am looking for skilled artists able to contribute to a mobile game with high potential. The game is a free 2D endless platform game with in-app purchases and plans to implement social features. I am aiming for a publisher, and am confident we will be able to obtain one, while they will take a portion of the profits, they will push the game to place it needs to excel in the app-store. We will be working with a 1136x640 window size (Iphone 5 resolution).

    What I am looking for:

    Character Artist

    -Fluidly animate and design player character. Eg; Running, Jumping, Falling

    -Create various costumes for said player

    -Create in game objects such as arrows, planes, and clouds

    Background Artist

    -Design multi-layered, tiling, themed, backgrounds such as jungles, castles, or a city.

    -Create tiled platforms

    Graphic Designer

    -Build appealing buttons, and interface objects

    -Design app Logo, textual logo for game and studio.


    I know both of our time is valuable, and this is a commercial game, so what's your cut? 7.5% of all profits will go to the art. This is a rough approximation but 1.5% toward graphic designer, and 3% to the other departments. Note that is not an an exact number yet, if you would like to be the character artist and design the app icon as well. I would actually prefer to have on person do all the above and if you do I will offer you a minimum bonus of the first 100$ of profit (I will raise the bonus in the likely chance of a publisher).

    Why work for this project:

    -This app is oriented toward the Apple Appstore, a very opportunistic platform. I'm very familiar with the kind of apps that dominate here.

    -I aim to work with publishers of some very successful games.

    -You get your name and experience in a published iphone app.

    -We get to make a game! :)

    If you are even slightly interested or have any questions please contact me! Here you can PM or you may email me at

    If you are applying please include some of your work. Thanks!

    Also if you are interested, the music will be supplied by Kubbi

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  • Good luck with those percentages ;)

  • Good luck with those percentages ;)

    Honestly I'm not quite sure where they shoul be. What would you recommend?

  • Well the way I've done it (for smaller teams) is to split the profits equally if everyone is doing similar amounts of work, or as close to equal as possible. So for one game that I made, the two people who funded the studio and did all of the art, main design work, and programming both took a 40% cut, and then the third person who did character animations and co-developed levels got 20%. I would give a good artist an equal cut to the programmer, as long as the amount of work needed to do is roughly the same. It sounds like you need a lot of assets, so I'd offer a more equal split of the profits if I were in your position. If you did all of the design work and programming, then a single artist (rather than three different ones) should get get at least 35% of the profits, in my opinion. Just my two cents. :)

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